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Broward Women's Alliance is a networking organization that promotes opportunities and acceptance of women in positions of leadership; acknowledges the accomplishments of women; and provides support and encouragement for professional development and community enhancement.

Our members are business, professional and community leaders who are in a position to contribute to the mission of the organization and who contribute to the community in a meaningful way, either through a profession, volunteer service or public service (elected or appointed).

Our members serve in an executive decision-making capacity in their business or organization and enjoy an excellent reputation in the community for integrity, leadership and competence. They are aware and concerned about the many issues affecting women today, both in the home and in the business community. They are willing to use their experience, expertise and influence to improve the status of all women and are committed to supporting the goals and purposes of Broward Women's Alliance.

For information about becoming a member email browardwomensalliance@gmail.com .