Membership Info

Membership Criteria

BWA seeks female business, professional and community leaders who are in a position to contribute to the mission of the organization.
To be considered for membership, an applicant must:

  • Serve in an executive, decision-making capacity in her business or organization
  • Be sponsored by a current member in good standing
  • Contribute to the community in a meaningful way, whether through a profession, volunteer service or public service (elected or appointed)
  • Enjoy an excellent reputation in the community for integrity, leadership and competence
  • Be aware of the challenges facing women today, in society, in the family and in the business community
  • Be willing to use one’s experience, expertise and influence to improve the status of all women
  • Be committed to support the goals and purposes of BWA

Member Responsibilities

  • Regularly attend BWA luncheon meetings held September through June on the second Monday of the month at Lenore's Table 416 NE 1st St. Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 11:30 AM
  • Pay annual dues by October 1 (Currently $300.00 or $325with a $25 voluntary contribution for our scholarship fund)
  • Recommend eligible women for membership
  • Support BWA Scholarship program for women furthering their educational goals
  • Abide by all policies of BWA and act in accordance with BWA standards

Once you have a sponsor, you can access the online application by clicking here.